disadvantage of consolidation wood by polymerization

archaeological wood properties, chemistry, and preservation soluble resins have advantages as well as disadvantages over other consolidants, such as , upon polymerization, initiated by heat, catalyst, or 7 irradiation (4). even ,. strength of the wood after consolidation would be expected to increase in ,【Get Price】

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adhesives and consolidants - conservation manual - conservation , these resins are polymers constructed of a chain or network of repeating single units, called monomers, that combine with themselves or with ,. while it still has its drawbacks, diluted duco can be used to stabilize material such as bone by impregnation ,it is, however, an excellent glue for wood that is not going to be exposed to outside environments and for consolidating julitities of faunal bone.【Get Price】

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prototypes of lascaux s medium for consolidation acronal made it possible with a minimum of risk, to consolidate , ground as well as distemper on wood without pre-treating the surface , an acrylic polymer dispersion produced by basf,.. a real disadvantage of most synthetic consolidants,.【Get Price】

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curing pressure influence of out-of-autoclave processing on , 11 jan 2013 , during the autoclave process, consolidation of prepreg laminas through simultaneous elevated pressure and , the combination of heat and pressure applied on prepreg plies is necessary in order to consolidate them into a fiber-reinforced polymer composite based on fabricated ,. table 1: repair clave and autoclave advantages and disadvantages [14, 28, 29]. ,.. view at google scholar; m. g. bader and j. r. wood, “void control for polymer-matrix composites (1): ,【Get Price】

wood conservation - nautical archaeology at texas a&m university as an organic material, wood normally decays under combined biological and chemical degradation when buried in earth; ,. into the wood that will consolidate and confer mechanical strength to the wood while the water is being removed (e.g.,. disadvantages include the flammability of acetone and the high cost of materials, which make this treatment practical ,. waterlogged wood, glass, leather, woven basketry, and cork have been successfully conserved with polymer media, ,【Get Price】

radiation initiated copolymerization of allyl 2,3 epoxy propyl ether , 1, despite its various useful properties, wood also possesses some disadvantages ,of a monomer or monomer mixture which can protect and consolidate the wood when polymerized in or whose polymer applied to it.【Get Price】

wood-polymer composites - intech , all these disadvantages limit the application of wood as high-quality , considerable attention in the past few decades, is the fabrication of wood-polymer composites , on wood-polymer composite, this article presents an overall review on preparation, consolidation. mma containing diethy-leneglycol dimethacrylate. (degdma) and divinyl benzene. (dvb) as crossing- linkers, and ,【Get Price】

7 consolidation processes - the national academies press in some material systems, consolidation of powders produces feedstock billets for extensive processing into continuous mill products of bar, rod, wire, plate, or sheet. other consolidation processes produce composites, with either polymer, ,【Get Price】

fusion bonding/welding of thermoplastic composites the process of fusion-bonding involves heating and melting the polymer on the bond surfaces of the components and then pressing these surfaces together for polymer solidification and consolidation ,of processing parameters on weld performance and quality, the advantages/disadvantages of each technique, and the applications are described ,influence of moisture absorption on mechanical properties of wood flour-polypropylene composites · thermal analysis of in-situ ,【Get Price】